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Learn. Adapt. Protect.

xyberShield® is the most effective web application firewall (WAF) solution on the market today. Our product’s groundbreaking behavioral analysis functionality learns from user actions and adapts to evolving threats automatically – protecting you against tomorrow’s attacks as well as today’s.

xyberShield’s Global Security Platform provides unmatched enterprise-grade web application security to businesses of all sizes. Our product integrates seamlessly with your existing security architecture, and is affordable, scalable, and easy to implement. xyberShield is available for .NET, PHP, and Java environments.

xyberShield's Key Features

  • A proprietary Behavioral Analysis and Correlation Engine that anonymously tracks and learns from all individual user behavior on each individual application – stopping attacks before they can be successful
  • Complete protection against 12 threat categories, including OWASP and zero day attacks
  • A highly scalable Global Security Platform, with 20 data centers across four continents
  • A software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that doesn’t require DNS redirection or a proxy, eliminating latency issues and the need to expose your site’s SSL certificate
  • Comprehensive reporting, including everything you need to show PCI DSS 6.6 compliance
  • Installation within hours, not days - xyberShield's Installation Team will install a script on your website to create a defensive barrier around your web applications.
  • Highly scalable, enterprise-grade security, without costly hardware investment or ongoing maintenance requirements
  • A web application security provider whose sole focus is web application security. We understand hacker behavior