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Leveraging the Power of Global Infrastructure

xyberShield’s Global Security Platform spans 20 regional data centers in nine countries on four continents. Our regional data centers have multi-homed Tier 1 network-peering relationships, and all are rated Tier 3 or 4 and meet SSAE-16 or equivalent standards. Two additional Tier 4 data centers handle account administration and reporting.

Since each data center is part of a worldwide network, all data and prior analysis of a website’s traffic is replicated and always available through any of the xyberShield data centers. In the unlikely event of an outage in the regional data center that typically analyzes your site traffic, your traffic immediately fails over to the nearest data center for analysis – giving your site full, uninterrupted protection. No other web application security solution can claim an infrastructure of this depth and breadth.

In combination with xyberShield’s unique architecture, our Global Security Platform delivers the best possible protection for your website, with virtually no impact on site performance or latency for site visitors.

xyberShield's infrastructure provides the following benefits:

Global Intelligence Sharing

  • Unique comparative data analysis capability lets you view your site’s threat data versus all other websites that xyberShield protects, while keeping the identity of all sites anonymous
  • Peer learning via networked intelligence – each data center shares new threat and attack behavior with all other xyberShield data centers

Capacity and Structure

  • Capacity to handle current and anticipated site traffic – without upgrading or replacing hardware
  • Reserve capacity sufficient to handle unexpected spikes in website traffic
  • Worldwide presence ensures close proximity to your website
  • Redundancy that ensures customer websites are always protected
  • Flexibility to scale as necessary – pay only for the capacity you need

Information Management

  • Comprehensive information on security events sent via alerts that can be integrated with other security management systems
  • Comprehensive reports for management and operational uses and for regulatory compliance
  • Protection for dynamic and static pages
  • Fully compatible with CDN architecture – xyberShield can work with your site wherever it’s hosted
  • All data stored online for six months; offline storage available for two years (or more, if necessary)