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xyberShield’s revolutionary design offers more effective web application protection than any other WAF on the market. We employ technology that’s entirely different from that of WAF appliances and other cloud-based WAF solutions. xyberShield is the only solution that combines:

xyberShield is uniquely capable of identifying and stopping malicious activity before it reaches the vulnerable areas of your web applications, stopping attacks before they can be successful.

xyberShield is easy to deploy. You install a single script on your website, and it monitors all your traffic, communicating constantly with the nearest xyberShield data center. The data center, in turn, inspects all sessions, using xyberShield’s Behavioral Analysis and Correlation Engine as well as 12 individual threat protection modules, which guard against known attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and zero day attacks. Because xyberShield is deployed as a SaaS solution, learning is shared across the network in real time.

In billions of sessions for Fortune 1000 customers, xyberShield has defeated attacks time and time again.

xyberShield is available for .NET 2.0 and higher, PHP 4.0 and higher, and Java 1.5 and higher environments.