Report Suite Helps you Monitor all Threats

xyberShield provides comprehensive reporting and real-time statistics so you can monitor threat activity for all protected websites. Drill down instantly to view key indicators such as:

  • Attack information: number, type, and origin (IP and geo)
  • Threat type by alert level: low, medium, high
  • Frequency of rule violations
  • Threat trending: whether threats are diminishing or increasing

You can select management, operational, and technical reports covering time periods of one, three, and six months. You can also view session-data statistics in real time on the xyberShield Console, and integrate xyberShield alerts into your existing management and reporting systems.

See key threat data:

  • Source of attacks: IP Address, City, Country
  • Type and number of most frequent attacks

Technical Reports Detail Session Information and Actions Taken

See key threat data:

  • Summary metrics of website activity
  • All the information your need to conduct further forensic analysis