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Detailed Threat Intelligence Lets You Pinpoint Problems in Real-Time

The xyberShield Console allows you to see exactly what’s happening on your website in real time. Access our browser-based Console via the internet to get an overview of your web traffic and any threats, displayed by geographic location and current status. The Console generates alerts, traffic and threat statistics, and reports for a range of time periods. You can also select, configure, and change any of the threat protection modules for your website.


Using the Console, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the sites you wish to monitor.
  • Zoom into real-time traffic details including geolocation and session specifics.
  • View and investigate attacks as they are happening.
  • Review the history of threats to your website over a range of time periods.

View Current Activity for Any User Session

From the Console, you can select and view the activity of any current user session. You can examine both normal sessions and sessions that have triggered a low, medium, or high alert. There are a range of sorting options, so you can quickly identify and review any session in detail, watching individual users navigate across your website in real time.

  • Sort all currently active user sessions by country, city, or IP address.
  • Select any individual session for a detailed view of current activity.
  • View current settings for user behavior for allowed ranges of recurrence, repetition, and duration on a page.