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xyberFrame Threat Protection Modules

Our xyberFrame threat protection modules offer protection against 12 different categories of attacks. The xyberFrame Console displays active and inactive xyberFrames, and describes the type of protection that each provides. You can activate or deactivate each xyberFrame with a single click. In addition, you can select PCI or OWASP protection, which activates all the xyberFrames necessary to address these types of threats.

Once activated, xyberFrames provide immediate protection, without any need for tuning or configuration. xyberShield observes each user session on your website, learning and continually adapting each active xyberFrame to optimize protection for your site – automatically. It also incorporates information that it learns from attacks on other websites that it protects around the world. However, each xyberFrame can also be manually configured to meet any special security or operational requirements you may have.

  • Graphic icons show which threat modules are currently active.
  • Settings for each xyberFrame can be configured globally, or by specific pages on your website.