Profiting from xyberShield with Custom Content Offerings

xyberShield can help you build high-margin, recurring revenues. When you partner with xyberShield, you get access to our complete set of features, including our 12 threat protection modules, which we call xyberFrames, as well as a comprehensive suite of reports. You can offer your customers all of these features, or create custom service offerings with subsets that meet the demands of your market.

  • Include as few or as many xyberFrames as you want to create your own offering tiers.
  • Offer co-branded reporting to your customers, or create custom reports in your own formats using information from xyberShield’s reports, alerts, and logs. Select from among our management, operational, and compliance reports, and charge for the package any way you’d like.

Matching Pricing and Payment Plans with Your Customer and Business Needs

xyberShield offers flexible monthly, annual, and multi-year contracts, so you can pick the plan that best fits with your business model and customer requirements. Select pricing by sessions or bandwidth (Mbps). If a customer’s usage changes, you don’t need to worry about changing any hardware or software. Because xyberShield is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, it scales easily to any usage level required. Interested in learning more about our pricing?  Call us at 1-866-434-4257.