SaaS Simplicity and Cost Advantages

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Benefitting from the Power and Flexibility of SaaS

As a SaaS solution, xyberShield frees your IT staff from the complexities of system installation and maintenance of traditional WAF software and appliances. Built on a powerful Global Security Platform, xyberShield scales flexibly with your website traffic – you pay only for what you need, when you need it. The result: xyberShield has a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than a WAF appliance or software installation.

xyberShield doesn’t use DNS redirection or a proxy, eliminating latency and single-point-of-failure issues and the need to expose your site’s confidential SSL certificate. Simply install a script on your website, with the help of our Installation Team, and your website is fully protected. The script enables communication between your web applications and our Global Security Platform.

As xyberShield observes each user session on your website, it learns and adapts to your website and the applications on it so no tuning or configuration is required. However, xyberShield can also be manually configured to meet any special security or operational requirements. As a SaaS solution, xyberShield shares what it learns about new variants of attacks across our global network in real time, benefiting all our customers.